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What is a Quadbar?

The all new ‘Quadbar Flexi’ TM has a flexible joint that allows the bar to flex rearwards in the inadvertent event of contact with an overhead obstacle. The joint also facilitates some sideways flexibility before the joint locks and then becomes more of a traditional CPD meeting or ROPS.

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Will the Quadbar fit my ATV?

The Flexi Quadbar can fit several types of ATVs. Click below to see the specifications and full list of vehicles that the Quadbar is accessible with.


"The Quadbar Crush Protection Device is a MUST for any intelligent quad bike rider. As the Off Highway Vehicle Officer for Parkland County Enforcement Services I never go out riding without it."

"We estimate that fitting quad bars to all quad tour bikes has reduced our accident injuries by 80%. This is simply because the ROP once fitted, stops the quad from rolling onto the guest if they tip it over on its side. Additionally, by fitting the ROPs, it has reduced the amount of damage and maintenance cost to brake levers, mirrors, gear levers, etc..."


After personal experiences with ATV accidents resulting in significant personal injury to which Quadbar could have improved the outcome and the knowledge that Quadbar is readily available and significantly used elsewhere in the world we feel a strong moral obligation to make Quadbars available to our family, friends and the ATV users of North America