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How Does The Quadbar Work?

The Quadbar is an Aluminum tube that is mounted to the back of the ATV via the tow hitch with support braces to the rear rack. The bottom mount is telescopic to allow height adjustment, and the rear rack attachment has guides which allow the bar to slide freely up and down and not interfere with the suspension. The Quadbar is engineered to allow full movement of the suspension and unobstructed use of the tow bar. 

What Does The Quadbar Do?

ATV's typically weigh about 660lbs (300kgs) and the installation of the Quadbar can reduce the risk of injury to the rider if the ATV were to land on the rider in the event of a rollover or side roll. The installation of the Quadbar can reduce this risk by creating a space between the ATV and the ground. "Research has identified injury caused by the pinning of the rider to be of particular concern. (ref: Risk and preventive factors for fatalities in All-terrain Vehicle Accidents in New Zealand, 2009. Boaz Shulruf, Andrew Balemi)

Pinning injuries included: 
-Death from asphyxiation - cutting of air supply.
-Death from mechanical asphyxiation - inability to breathe due to forces (weight) on the body – can vary from minutes to hours.
-Death caused by Crush Syndrome - toxins entering the blood stream when the "crush" cause is removed and circulation is restored.
-Death from drowning – often in shallow water, whilst being pinned.
-Death from heart failure – there have been a number of cases of roll over and pinning where the cause of death has been identified as heart failure (conjecture whether heart failure pre or post rollover)
-Loss or reduced capacity of limb(s) – due to lack of circulation.


Research has shown life-changing injuries and death can be mitigated by up to 70% if a CPD is used with a helmet and extra riders are kept off the vehicle.

Who is The Quadbar For?

The Quadbar is best for use that is generally considered safe, and the rollover is inadvertent.

- Work place environments: examples include; Agriculture, mine sites, farms, forestry, parks board, security
- Commercial Tourism
- Some limited types of recreational use like touring

The Quadbar cannot be fitted to the "high performance" style ATVs where the operation is generally considered risky.


The Quadbar is a bolt on attachment for most models. Generally one installation kit is all that's needed for most ATVs that are fitted with a tow bar & rack. However some of the less common ATVs may require variations of the brackets which may be purchased separately please see accessories.

Professional installation of the Quadbar is recommended and usually takes approximately 30 minutes to install by an experienced mechanic.


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