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Quadbar Manual

Including safety, maintenance, fitting instructions, incident reporting, assembly manual, warranty and sales contract. View this document » https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0250/2787/0794/files/Ownersw_Manual.501._20_09_Standard_QR.pdf?v=1612833679

Ridge Report

In this research report Ridge Solutions looks at the engineering strength and energy absorption characteristics of the Quadbar TM. View this document »

USQ Report

The University of Southern Queensland Report looks at the roll dynamics of a quadbike with and without a Quadbar TM. View this document »

Quad Bike Safety Devices

ISCRR has undertaken a literature review at the request of WorkSafe Victoria, to assess the efficacy of a crush protection device which can be fitted to Quad bikes. Read More »


Quad Bike Crush Protection Devices to be Mandatory for Federal Employers